Fish Farming

Fish Aquaculture in Al-Nas Farms Ltd. vission has been developed to promote transparency,
acquire information and reliable statistics in the finisheries sector.

The vission was developed to provide stakeholders whith reliable information,
improve management, ensured and efficient government support, and proper channeling of
resources for the benefit of the industry.

Furthemore the vision has been used to identify existing bottlenecks and deficiencies
and to determine important areas for further research and development in the sector.

Species cultured in Al-nas Farms include Claries gariepinus (cat fish) Heterobranchus longifilis(Ray-Finned Fish)
Oreochromis niloticus (Nile Tilapia) Heterotics niloticus (Aba aba knife fish)


Most fish have the simillar life cycle, which start from the Egg-fry-fingerlins-juvenile-table size-brood stock.
In Al-nas farms we culture various types of fish, especially our fingerlins are very good, fast growing
hi-breed(Claries gariepinus x Heterobrachus bidorsalis) we make do with the best parent stock within and outside
Nigeria, using Holland Claries gariepuinus in our fish spawing, most fish becomes gravid during the rainning season
which enable spawing, in Al-nas farm due to high temperature we spaw from april to octorber and we have incubating ponds, hashing ponds,
parent pond and transit ponds. The fish (fry) are fed with blood meal artemia, followed by the 0.5-2mm coppens feed (fingerlins),
from 3-6mm juvenline, 6-12mm table size, then 12-16mm brood stock.
Our fish takes 4-5 months for harvest that's to get to table size.


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Al-Nas Farms Limited, has been in existance for decades started orchard section in the year 1987 and commenced arable machanisation in the year 2001.

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